Facilitating Meetings and Workshops

We provide Certified Professional Facilitators (CPF) to work with our clients to design, plan, prepare and facilitate meetings, workshops and events.

  • We bring facilitation and participation expertise/knowledge
  • We draw on a broad range of tools and techniques
  • We enable more productive meetings and workshops 
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Facilitation Training

Facilitation Training

We train individuals either in-house or on public programmes in both core and high-performance facilitation skills training. We can also deliver half-day taster sessions or one-day awareness sessions.

  • Developing people to do what we do
  • Delivering core and high-performance facilitation training programmes
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Building Facilitation Capacity

Building Facilitation Capacity

Working with clients to develop and build internal facilitation capacity and capability as a core competence.

  • International Association of Facilitators (IAF) Facilitation Impact Platinum Award winning programme
  • Build the business case
  • Building facilitation awareness
  • Delivering facilitation skills training
  • Establishing communities of practice
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Facilitating Change and Building Resilience

Using established and well researched models we design and facilitate change and resilience workshops for our clients.

  • To understand the impact of major change from a people perspective and to create change plans
  • To build personal, team and organisational plans for building resilience
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Our Clients

Private, Public, Third sector

We work with profit and non-profit organisations, cross-sector and cross-industry with executive and leadership teams, staff at all levels, customers, suppliers and prospective partners.

Just to a name a few...

  • British Council
  • Immediate Media
  • Nesta
  • Catalyx
  • Global landscapes forum
  • GDS (Government Digital Services)
  • Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR)
  • Action for Children
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"circleindigo worked with staff during a difficult time when facing redundancy, providing sensitive and professional support in a group session and on an individual basis. All staff commented on the enormous impact of the sessions…"

Homeless Hostel

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