Team Development Workshops - circleindigo

A foundation set up by a celebrity chef to enable disadvantaged young people to work and train in a successful leading restaurant and build skills to become professional chefs.

circleindigo enabled a professional kitchen staff to unlock their thinking and consider new ways in which they could create a successful restaurant combined with an effective learning environment for young disadvantaged people.

Business need

  • To enable professional chefs to unlock their thinking and develop skills to engage, work with and train young people (trainees)
  • To develop and improve communication between the chefs and the trainees
  • To build internal training delivery capability and provide a model of good practice for future restaurants

What circleindigo did

  • Consultation with internal stakeholders
  • Designed and delivered a series of experiential two day workshops for professional chef staff to unlock their thinking and work with new tools and approaches
  • Delivered one to one coaching over a three month period to enable the chefs to reflect on their learning and review how they were using the new tools and approaches
  • Designed and delivered workshops for trainees to enable them to unlock their thinking, see more possibility and take responsibility for their own learning experience


As a result the professional staff:

  • Unlocked thinking and could see greater value in working with and supporting the trainees
  • Improved teaching and mentoring skills
  • Developed effective communication, coaching and conflict resolution skills
  • Increased ability to build relationships and support the trainees to learn
  • Created a constructive learning environment in the kitchen
  • Experienced positive personal change and benefits from using new tools and approaches
  • Experienced more cohesive teamwork in the kitchen

As a result the trainees

  • Developed a greater understanding of how to manage personal learning experience
  • Increased awareness of change process and how to manage this in the context of the training
  • Developed skills and approaches that enabled them to work effectively with professional staff
  • Unlocked thinking in relation to what they could personally achieve
"The truth is circleindigo have done a great job for us and have done the thing which consultants rarely in my experience do – genuinely empower your client to carry on without you. We loved working with circleindigo, very creative and insightful people."

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