Process Improvement Workshops - circleindigo

Process Improvement Workshops

circleindigo supported a business and Information Services programme of work to define both As-Is and To-Be business processes for Trade Promotion Management, Effectiveness and Optimisation.

Business need

  • To understand and capture current As-Is business processes and systems used to deliver Trade Promotion Management activity
  • To define new To-Be business processes for Trade Promotion Management, Effectiveness and Optimisation
  • To identify hot-spots or parts of the business process that required more urgent attention
  • To outline possible areas of quick wins
  • To engage all senior staff involved in Trade Promotion Management from across three different business units

What circleindigo did

  • Consultation with the business and information services programme leaders to understand the programme and work context
  • Designed and delivered a series of two day As-Is and To-Be process definition workshops to develop and build swim lane analysis process models
  • Created a highly participative and interactive series of workshops
  • Involved all key business representatives responsible for Trade Promotion Management in the three separate business units


  • Created and defined As-Is and To-Be business process maps, with interdependencies in sequential time flow
  • Clearly defined areas for possible quick wins
  • Programme team fully engaged in both the process and the programme of work
  • Clear actions for the way forward
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