Managing Change & Transition Workshops - circleindigo

A hostel for homeless women based in Central London.

circleindigo worked with a full staff team facing redundancy (due to closure of the hostel), to enable them to manage and take ownership of this change and their futures.

Business need

  • To enable an easier transition through difficult change and build personal resilience
  • To enable staff to manage their redundancy and take ownership of their transition into either new employment, training or retirement
  • To equip staff with practical tools for acknowledging and overcoming barriers in relation to redundancy and closure of the hostel

What circleindigo did

  • Consultation with the CEO to understand the current needs
  • Designed and delivered a one day experiential and participative workshop to identify and see more choice and possibility and take positive action
  • Delivered one to one coaching to enable staff to reflect on their learning and support them moving forwards


  • Increased ownership of their current situation and manage it
  • Developed personal and team resilience
  • Understand the personal impact of change and how to manage their responses to the change and transition moving forwards
  • Increased levels of confidence and motivation in relation to embarking on a new future
  • Developed clearer understanding of personal goals in relation to finding new work, going into further training or retirement
  • Developed both personal and team transition plans
"circleindigo worked with staff during a difficult time when facing redundancy, providing sensitive and professional support in a group session and on an individual basis. All staff commented on the enormous impact of the sessions helping them to regain a positive outlook on their working lives and to take control of the search for alternative employment. I would recommend them to any employer looking for extra support for employees."

Homeless Hostel