Leadership Development Workshops - circleindigo

A Government Agency

How circleindigo assisted a government agency to develop and implement its governance framework.

Organisational need

  • To bring together two government agencies to create one new Agency with one governance framework
  • To build a joint understanding of organisational governance within the leadership team prior to implementation
  • To enable the wider management team to experience a joint approach to problem-solving and issue resolution incorporating a clear identification of decision-making and ownership
  • To establish the joint working approach within the management team as a role-model for the wider organisation

What circleindigo did

  • Consulted with Chief Executive and key management stakeholders
  • Co-designed and delivered a series of workshops that involved the senior leadership and wider management teams
  • Enabled cross agency and joint approach to resolving problems and defining solutions
  • Built the desired solution into the workshop process


  • Enabled diverse viewpoints to be heard and incorporated into the solution
  • Experienced a joint approach to problem solving and issue resolution
  • Understood decision-making framework
  • Defined a governance framework solution
  • Shared ownership of the way forward
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