Building Resilience Workshops - circleindigo

A digital intelligence company based in Europe and the USA

circleindigo worked with the wider senior leadership team, to enable them to manage change, build resilience and create readiness for future change.

Business need

  • To enable an easier transition through future change and build personal and team resilience
  • To enable the leadership team to lead with confidence during turbulent times
  • To equip the leadership team with practical tools for acknowledging and overcoming barriers in relation to change
  • To build both change and resilience plans for moving forward

What circleindigo did

  • Consultation with the CEO and HR Director to understand the current needs
  • Designed and delivered a two-day experiential and participative workshop to identify barriers to future change, share researched change and resilience models, see more choice and possibility and take positive change related action
  • This included working with our circleindigo key characteristics of resilience model to build personal and leadership team resilience


  • Increased ownership of the future context and how to manage it
  • Developed personal and team resilience
  • Understand the personal impact of change and how to manage their responses to the change and transition moving forwards, for themselves and others
  • Increased levels of confidence and motivation in relation to embarking on a new future
  • Developed clearer understanding of personal goals in relation to developing key characteristics of resilience
  • Developed both personal and organisational change/transition and resilience plans for moving forward