Over the last 10 years circleindigo have been supporting our clients working with a robust model of ‘Key Characteristics of Resilience’ developed out of research we commissioned with students on the Business Psychology MSc programme at the University of Westminster, London. UK.

Due to the impact of COVID19 and the pandemic on our world we cannot meet and work face-to-face as we typically would. One of the sessions we’ve been running in the virtual space is one originally called: ‘Resilience. Push pause: time to connect, learn, think and adapt’. We are all living through a time where we are being given the opportunity (or for some of us, forced even) to push pause and reflect on how we might live and work moving forwards.

At circleindigo we’ve been revisiting and reapplying our own learning and drawing on our model of building resilience to support ourselves, our clients and our friends, families and colleagues.

It won’t be surprising to know that one of the seven key characteristics of personal resilience in our model is ‘Connecting Through Our Social Networks’. Working to ensure we are connected to a strong network of support and offering support to others to strengthen our own wellbeing is crucial. Just having a virtual coffee with a trusted friend can make all the difference to our day and week.

Thinking more broadly, globally even, one theme of the UN Sustainable Development Goals is ‘leave no one behind’. This ties directly to using our own social networks to support each other. Have a look at the reality of the work that is still to be done to ensure dignity for each precious life across the planet. https://unstats.un.org/sdgs/report/2016/leaving-no-one-behind.

Exploring further ‘Taking Personal Responsibility’ is another of the key characteristics. The reality of everything we have to face can seem both daunting and overwhelming. The words of Joan Baez: “Action is the antidote to despair” is definitely an encouraging spur to help us move forwards.

And one piece of writing we come back to is a series of essays ‘Hope is a Decision’ by peace philosopher Daisaku Ikeda (for an introduction to the essays and to find out more visit: https://www.daisakuikeda.org/sub/books/books-by-category/essays/hope-is-a-decision.html.)

In one essay Ikeda writes: “Rather than passively accepting things as they are, we must embark on the challenge of creating a new reality. It is in this effort that true, undying hope is to be found. Hope is confidence Hope is determination Hope is courage. As long as we have hope there is nothing we cannot achieve. Everything is born from hope.”

This leads us to another of the seven key characteristics: ‘Understanding Self-Worth’. As the world seems in constant turbulence this can take a huge toll on our emotional wellbeing and we can forget that each of us has something unique and precious to bring and to contribute. As well as self-reflection and self-development, working in co-coaching pairs and trios can offer practical, fresh support and insight in these challenging times.

We recently ran an updated session with a group of social enterprise leaders on ‘Building Resilience in Turbulent Times’. One of the key reflections was that it was deeply helpful and supportive for the leaders themselves – right now – to pause and take time to think about their own resilience in addition to how they can support their teams.

In light of this insight, what are you yourself doing to push pause, reflect, adapt as we work our way through this extraordinary and deeply challenging year?

Here are some questions you might find helpful:

• How are you making time for yourself and those you work with?
• What other strengths and skills can you draw on that might be more useful and relevant right now?
• How might you need to adapt and pivot?
• Who in your social network can you call on when needed and who can call on you?
• Where might you find new sources for inspiration and creativity?
• How do you see the bigger picture and where you fit in?
• How do you need to look after yourself?
• And what actionable steps can you take?

If you would like to know more about our circleindigo key characteristics of resilience model or if you think we may be able to support you, your team(s) and organisation please do contact us at info@circleindigo.com and visit us at here https://www.circleindigo.com/casestudies/building-resilience-workshops/ to read our case study on how we helped one of our clients build resilience and manage change.

Gary & Justine.